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Eolpack is a consulting-engineering firm specialized in the design and improvement of food production lines.

Our expertise extends from the analysis and optimization of existing packaging and conditioning lines to custom solution designs, which are automated and performant. This enables our clients to increase their productivity, introduce new products or formats and reduce their operation costs.


Our services

Versatile Services


Our work is to first understand your needs, to create realistic but ambitious objectives and bring value to your solutions through our experience.

Our promise is to always remain flexible and proactive, while maintaining a long term vision for each of our projects. And it is this vision, of providing work well done, based on the highest standards that has earned us the loyalty of our clients over the past seven years.

Our solutions, are a proverbial toolbox, from which we cater to your needs.

The Eolpack engineers possess the expertise to help you throughout each step of the project from the analysis, the diagnostic, the decision-making and the implementation of your production and packaging lines. For decades now, the industry has proven that the a successful project typically requires between 5 and 15% of the budget dedicated to engineering to guarantee the other 85% of the investment. We’re proud to be part of your project’s success through the following 6 services:

feasibility study
conceptual design
detail-oriented engineering
project management
analysis and audits


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Our Team

A fine mix of flexibility and expertise.

The Eolpack engineers are the pillars of our company.

Robin Bertin

Eolpack CEO

Nicolas Morency


Karine Colpaert

Project Manager

André Jorge

Project Manager


They put their faith in us.

What people say

  • Nous apprécions la collaboration avec Eolpack car elle se démarque par une volonté d’adapter le niveau de service en fonction du besoin. C’est un service ‘’sur-mesure’’ qu’Eolpack nous propose. L’équipe prend vraiment le temps en avant-projet de bien comprendre les enjeux et sonder l’ensemble des acteurs (opérations, maintenance etc…). Plus on avance dans le projet plus on réalise la forte expertise et l’expérience de l’équipe qui nous fournit les jalons importants pour la réussite du projet. Ce qui distingue Eolpack c’est sa volonté de comprendre les besoins le plus en amont possible et ainsi de trouver des moyens de faire réaliser des économies à ses clients. Le tout avec passion et dans une belle collaboration.

    Charles Butin, Aliments Ultima
  • As we delivered a highly successful project, implemented in 2016 and 2017 in the Kraft Heinz Plant of New Ulm, MI, where we have successfully consolidated the entire production of Velveeta SKU’s of the USA in New Ulm, I reflect at the complexity of the mandate that you were given, and the very short time we were asked to deliver the new plant. You and your team were given the mandate to design, select best technology, select suppliers and build all four packaging lines from the discharge of the four fillers, through cooling, case packing and up to and including palletizing. A very large mandate but you have proven capable of delivering it. The New Ulm plant was successfully started up in April 2017, achieving expectations. It was a pleasure working with you and your team.

    Nabil Haddad, Dean Snyder Construction