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Our work is to first understand your needs, to create realistic but ambitious objectives and bring value to your solutions through our experience.

Our promise is to always remain flexible and proactive, while maintaining a long term vision for each of our projects. And it is this vision, of providing work well done, based on the highest standards that has earned us the loyalty of our clients over the past seven years.

Our solutions, are a proverbial toolbox, from which we cater to your needs.

The Eolpack engineers possess the expertise to help you throughout each step of the project from the analysis, the diagnostic, the decision-making and the implementation of your production and packaging lines. For decades now, the industry has proven that the a successful project typically requires between 5 and 15% of the budget dedicated to engineering to guarantee the other 85% of the investment. We’re proud to be part of your project’s success through the following 6 services:

feasibility study

The start of a project is often complex and difficult to estimate in terms of the time required and the costs involved. Thanks to the Eolpack expertise, you can see the actual dimensions of your project in advance. With a minimal investment, you’ll know whether or not your project can be accomplished and the costs involved. An invaluable piece of information to adhere to established budgets and respect timelines.

conceptual design

All projects are born from a business need that will result in cost savings. By keeping this notion in mind, Eolpack creates and quickly develops the equipment scenarios allowing you to have a concrete discussion to establish a process in a timely manner.

project management

So your project has started, maybe even a little late, so now it’s time to get going! And this is when the challenges begin! Getting confirmation on design details, selecting the right providers, executing the related purchases, timeline management, the unexpected pitfalls while keeping your eye on the prize are all great reasons for ensuring top-notch project management. With Eolpack, you’ll be in control and can easily follow the progress.

detail-oriented engineering

The designs have been approved, the business objectives are attainable and the risks have been evaluated. Now, it’s time kick off the project. The Eolpack engineers study the statement of work and outline detailed specifications enabling the purchasing as well as proper timeline management. The accuracy and the quality of our work ensures that our clients do not surpass their budgets while having earned us praise during the past 15 years.


After having made all the efforts related to design and associated purchases, the exciting and rewarding moment of implementation has arrived. At Eolpack, we know that launching a project as soon as possible increases it’s ROI. And with that, our promise is to plan and execute while keeping the big picture in mind.

analysis and audits

The question of whether to increase line production capacity or live with the burdens or limitations that will eventually need to be addressed with respect to a production area located in your factory must be evaluated. Thanks to Eolpack’s Analysis and Audit services, you’ll be able to have a clear overview of your project before you know it. Eolpack engineers offer thorough, experienced recommendations from independent external experts.